A Traveler's Reading List

A Traveler’s Reading List 48/2016

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m feeling very busy shopping for gifts and still finding time to explore Christmas markets in Bavaria. I haven’t been reading anything yesterday and my Traveler’s Reading List 48/2016 today will also be quite short. I myself have published a post on my recent Liebster award nomination – if you want to read a lot about me, check it out and leave me a comment!

A Traveler's Reading List


I loved Ellen’s post on the importance of disconnecting. With the holidays coming up (and in general) I just couldn’t agree more: We spend way too much time in front of electronics (hello from my Macbook) and sometimes we just need to let go and go out. I myself have recently turned off all my notifications on my phone and I must say that I have become much more productive and chill. No more buzzing and beeping, I still check my phone regularly, but if there should be any emergency I believe that people will simply call me.

Lena shares with us how she plans her trips. I always find that interesting to hear from a different perspective, there are just so many ways to plan a trip and so many good tips and tricks out there! I recently posted that I rely a lot on free travel apps, simply because I try to minimize luggage space and always have my iPhone at hand.

Also, I can totally relate to Silvia’s post “13 Reasons You’ll Wish I Never Came Home for the Holidays“! I remember when I came home for the holidays while I was teaching abroad in Ohio and how awkward it all felt. Mostly because I was very aware that I had experienced many things and made different friends which was just hard to share!

Millie’s post is a collection of the 8 museums that you must visit. Clearly the museum nerd in me soaked that post up! Awesome collection, I must admit, and unfortunately I have only been to one.

Having been to Seattle recently I loved all the cute coffee shops they have besides Starbucks. See this post if you want to read about three unique coffee shops in the Seattle area. Sadly, I visited none of them, but that will just be one more reason to return then.

Stephanie shares her first solo hike up Montserrat mountain. If you look at her pictures, you know that the view certainly was a reward!

A very cool post comes from Shannon who planned a cheap trip to Birmingham and shared it with her readers. It’s funny because very often I do that as well – plan a trip that I don’t take.

Hannah’s post is on battling jet lag and contains so many great tips! I had collected some of my tips here when I arrived in Seattle in July!

As some of you know, I’ll be going to Lindau and Prague next. Both in winter and I’m expecting very cold temperatures. Just in time today I read Christine’s advice on how to prepare for winter travel! She mostly focuses on driving by car, but the whole “pack light but wisely” is something that I need to remind myself of all. the. time.

Christmas markets in Paris look awesome! I have been writing about Munich’s markets and will add some Bavarian markets soon enough, but this post by Kristine just makes me want to hop on a plane to Paris and spend some time there!

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I’m still not sure what to get most people for Christmas, so I think I’ve now read almost every gift guide of 2016: 35 Gifts For the Wanderlust-Obsessed Person In Your Life

Instagram amazes me every day. I love following all the wonderful people there and especially seeing all the heavenly places that they visit: The Top 20 Worldwide Instagram Spots Of 2016 For some reason LAX is on there and I keep asking myself: WHY?!

Traveling Abroad: Do’s and Dont’s: It’s College Humor but in some way so heart-breakingly accurate.

It always makes me so happy to see photos from Malaysia. That really was a great trip. I may not have been to all of these places, but there is always something left to do: 16 Incredible Malaysian Destinations That Aren’t Kuala Lumpur

Enjoy the read! I’ll be exploring Lindau at Lake Constance next week and hopefully be back with fresh memories, great pictures and in time for a new edition of A Traveler’s Reading List. Stay wanderlustig!

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