A Traveler's Reading List 47/2016

A Traveler’s Reading List 47/2016

Good evening everyone! How has your week been going? I’ve been busy catching up with old Gilmore Girls episodes before I can finally watch the new season. I have managed to escape a few spoilers for while, but I don’t know how long I want to do that! Except for that I spent my weekend at home like a hermit typing in many words of my PhD thesis. It feels good to be productive and to have a weekend for myself every once in a while. But let’s start: Here comes my Traveler’s Reading List 47/2016!

A Traveler's Reading List 47/2016


As always, I have been incredibly late with catching up with all the amazing blogposts that are shared every Saturday.

A pleasant surprise awaited me on Friday though: I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Neha and Abhishek from Revolving Compass and I’ll thus be working on my blogpost for next Thursday. If you want to know what it is and if you are curious of the questions that I have to answer, please check back next week! This week’s post was on 10 Christmas gifts for travelers, all of them chosen wisely by me!

I’ve been reminded of my ignorance and laziness when I read Vicki’s post with so many great social media & SEO tips for newbie bloggers. Let’s see how many tips I will be able to integrate in my daily blogging!

Christina shared how she monetized her travel blog. I’m not really good at that yet and don’t expect to make much money any time soon, but I’d love to one day earn enough to finance my blog and a bit of my travel expenses.

Laura shares her strategies on how to save money each month to spend on traveling. Sounds great, but I still have to work on my shopping habits!

I loooove travel fails and have encountered so many myself. Of course I had to read Jennifer’s entry from this week! I also shared a story of mine in her comments.

Anne shares her packing list for world tour which includes some great tips and tricks!

I’m always so happy to read on places in Romania. Sibiu does really look like a fairytale city, so you should check out Mihaela’s post! If you like traditions, then Cory’s post on 7 Romanian customs which will make you superstitious will be a great read for you!

Let’s all say a big congratulation to Naomi on her one year blogiversary on her travel blog Probe around the Globe! Her Q&A is super interesting and shows how much work she spends on her travel blog!

My blog feed

My blog feed has been swamped with news on the new season of Gilmore Girls, so there weren’t many posts that I could read, unfortunately!

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What have you had on your Traveler’s Reading List? What did you do last week?

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