Munich's Christmas Markets

Munich’s Christmas markets: My top 5

How is the weather wherever you are? Still warm, sunny and all that summer-y feeling?
Well, then let’s get started with the first Christmas post for this year! A few lovely ladies in the HPL Group on Facebook have been asking about Christmas Markets in Munich. Instead of writing all my little secrets into one private message, I decided to post on here. Even though this totally comes in between my last vacation/road trip post which is still in the making!

Munich's Christmas markets: My Top 5. These are the nicest and most special Christmas markets in Munich: My personal Top 5. |

I’m sure there are more than five nice Christmas markets in Munich and it’s up to debate which ones are in the top five. However, the Christmas markets that follow are my personal favourites, the ones that I try to visit at least once each year and the ones that I choose over the official Christmas market of Munich (in city center) which is crowded and full of tourists who don’t know better. If you are a tourist in Munich, choose wisely!

5. Winter Tollwood

Technically, this isn’t an official Christmas market, it’s more than that. Winter Tollwood which takes place each year on Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest place) has its equivalent in summer – Summer Tollwood. It’s a festival with concerts, theater and a huge market that sells all kinds of food and goods. This year’s motto is “bewegt” (moved) and it deals with mobility and sustainability. I love to just walk around and look for Christmas presents there!
When: 23.11.2016 – 31.12.2016
Where: Theresienwiese (U 4/ U 5)

4. Christmas Market at Weißenburger Platz

This Christmas market has a very nice atmosphere, it’s located in Haidhausen on a circular square, so you will be able to get lost and walk in circles after a few Glühwein. Enjoy the lights there and watch out for locals enjoying their end of the work day!
when: 26.11.2016 – 24.12.2016
where: Rosenheimer Platz (S-Bahn)

3. Pink Christmas Market

The Pink Christmas Market in Munich is a special place to be! Organized since 2005 by Munich’s LGTB community, it’s a meeting point not only for the gay scene of Munich, but also for the entire community of the Glockenbachviertel! Granted, it’s small, but it offers a unique atmosphere and great food and drinks!
when: 24.11.2016 – 23.12.2016
where: Stephansplatz (U 1/ U 2/ U 3/ U 6 Sendlinger Tor)

2. Christmas Market at the Residenz

They say it is the second largest Christmas market but that shouldn’t scare you away. Of course, there are always lots and lots of people there, but in this case location is key. You’ll walk through a stone gate into one of the squares of the Residenz. Surrounded by the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs you will find exclusive sellers of arts and crafts and – of course – food.
when: 21.11.2016 bis 22.12.2016
where: Residenz (U 3/ U 6/ U 4/ U 5 Odeonsplatz)

1. Medieval Christmas market

The medieval Christmas market is by far my favourite. I love to meet there with friends for some honey wine and a boar sandwich. It’s a special place to be, so different from most of the other markets. The stalls don’t sell your typical Christmas knickknacks, that’s very refreshing!
when: 24.11.2016 – 23.12.2016
where: Wittelsbacher Platz (U 3/ U 6/ U 4/ U 5 Odeonsplatz)

If you have time during your stay in Munich in December, make sure to visit at least one of the markets. My very special advice would be: Do a tour! Start at one of the markets for a little walk and then either take the subway or if it is not too cold, walk! That way you won’t feel bad if you eat and drink all of the good stuff! And make sure to drop me line which one you liked best or if I missed one that you really loved!

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Englischer Garten: Let’s take a walk

Next stop: Walking, people watching and catching some sun in the Englischer Garten!

Since it was unusually warm and sunny for April, we decided to take a walk through Munich and to the Englischer Garten. I absolutely had to show my friend, who lived in Florida at that time, that there even are surfer in Munich. They are located next to the Haus der Kunst and the American Embassy in Munich, right at the entrance to the Englischer Garten…

I always have to spend at least 15 minutes watching, it looks like so much fun, yet I’d be too scared to try! As you can see in the pictures, it was still early in the year with not too many people there (in summer, it gets crowded), but we still sat down on a bench to soak up the sun and watch the people with their dogs walk by.

It is always worth to walk up to the Monopteros which was built in 1832 on a small hill. Very often you’ll find people playing music there. Again, you’ll have a nice view over the Englischer Garten!

I hope you’ll be able to visit these places some time!

Until then, keep traveling!

Munich’s Best Observation Deck

Hello dear fellow travel aficionados!

As mentioned in my little recap for 2015, I had my friends visit me in Munich in April. You all might have already experienced the same thing: We travel to see different cities, but when it comes to the one we live in, we just don’t do the usual sights. I mostly tell myself: “Oh, those crowds, I’ll do some other time!” So with my friends here for a few days, I had to quit the excuses and dig into my knowledge of great places in Munich. And Munich certainly has a lot to offer. One of my favorite places to get an overview of the city is the clock tower of St. Peter…

The Catholic church with its tower, called “Alter Peter” in Munich, is the oldest church in Munich. It is located very close to Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt and all the other well-liked places in the city. The tower has a height of 91 meters and thus offers a great view all over Munich (you can go up to 56 meters).

We were quite lucky to choose such a clear and sunny day in April and the sky certainly was showing off with all those little white sheepy clouds. Check out some of my pictures below!
As for more details: You’ll have to pay a small fee to go up (as far as I remember 2 Euros) but it’s worth it and it is supposedly open year-round. The steps are quite steep, all 306 of them. Make sure to look out for people coming down, too.

We actually spent almost 45 minutes up there, taking pictures and walking around on the observation deck. It’s a convenient place to point out sights if you don’t want to take a longer tour. Also, it is right next to the Rathaus and the city center so you won’t have to walk far for the best view in Munich. Afterwards make sure to get some delicious food at Viktualienmarkt!

Until then,


Cool places to eat in Munich: Mexican

I decided to divide my travel postings of my last trip a bit and now and then to fill in a few posts on stuff to do in Munich. Mainly because I think Munich is a great city that has lots to offer and also because I remembered a particular feeling from all my adventures abroad: The moment when you get out a plane, train, bus, you name it and you are absolutely famished. The thing is that all travel guides and blogs tell us a lot about places to go for dinner where you would have to dress up or at least freshen up when all you really want to do is order, eat and leave within 30 minutes. In Munich, as in other cities, there are a few places where you can do that without having to feel stared at.

One of my favorites is a small place called Taco Libre, a taqueria, that serves Mexican/ Tex-Mex food like quesadillas or burritos. Ever since I visited the US, I can’t get enough of Mexican food and with that place I like that it is self-service, but still has tables and chairs and a nice atmosphere, so that you can sit down and chat with friends if you want to. It is also reasonably priced, ranging between 3,90 € and 6,90 €. It is open between 11 AM and 10 PM (I actually discovered it a lunch option) and located conveniently close to the Munich central station.

The quality of the food is extremely authentic (to my knowledge). Both, the burrito and the quesadilla, come in an adequate size with salsa and guacamole, however they always ask whether you want your food spicy or not. I especially recommend the burrito with steak and black beans as the meat seems to be marinated in some special mixture. I never quite figure out what it is, but I can’t get enough of it…