How to beat homesickness

How to beat homesickness when traveling alone

Traveling can be a wonderful, mind-changing experience. It can also mess with your head and make you feel homesick when traveling alone. It took me quite a while to find strategies on how to make myself feel better when I’m alone in a hostel and need to beat homesickness.

Here are a few things that I do, so that I won’t feel lonely when I’m traveling alone:

1. Get out and explore!

Even if you feel tired and jet lagged and alone in a city that just feels different: Get out and explore your surroundings. I often that fresh air is the best for me and that seeing other people and new places takes my mind off feeling lonely. I get some coffee and start walking or I sit down in a nice café and just enjoy some people-watching!

2. Enjoy the peace and quiet around you.

Life is busy all the time. Being away from home is an opportunity to sit down, put your feet up and enjoy a few moments of silence. Choose a nice spot or use your hostel bed for that, in no case, do ever feel bad for doing so. It’s your time, and you should spend it the way you want! Make yourself feel relaxed and beat this dreadful homesickness!

3. Stay in contact with your loved ones.

Time difference and distance can be a bummer! Thanks to social media and skype you are still able to keep up with your loved ones! I find it helpful to text or skype with family and friends if I start to get homesick. Just talking about what I have seen and been doing, helps and always makes me realize just how lucky I am and how much I like traveling!

4. Step outside your comfort zone!

As a very introvert and quiet person myself, this is always the hardest part for me: Getting to know other people. I usually start by introducing myself to the girls in my dorm, making small talk and asking about their destinations. Many of them are solo travelers as well and appreciate a chat. Very often this has led to great company for dinner, a drink or even longer parts of my travel.

5. Find a good streaming service!

Most hostels and hotels provide free Wifi which often works quite well. For me, I prefer to have a streaming service such as Netflix and/or Amazon Prime Video set up on my Macbook or iPad. Netflix is great in the US, whereas when you are coming to Germany you might want to get Amazon Prime Video instead! In case that I feel exhausted or lonely, I simply watch one of my favorite shows or start a new one. You’ll often see people doing the exact same thing and there is no better way to start talking to people than about a TV show!

What are your tips and tricks against that dreadful feeling that sometimes comes up? How would you beat homesickness? Feel free to share!

How to beat homesickness when traveling alone. Traveling can be the most amazing experience, but it can also leave you lonely in an unknown place. I'll share with you my secrets of how to beat homesickness when traveling alone. |

The Homestay experience

As my posting a few days ago showed, I enjoyed London a lot. It’s an amazing city and I am without words to describe it. My time there wasn’t nearly enough to do all the things I wanted to do.

Besides that, my trip to London was also my first experience with Airbnb. Finding a place to stay that I like has always been hard for me. I don’t like to spend so much money on a hotel when I could use it for something else like entry fees or shopping. I’m mostly ok with hostels, when I don’t have to stay in large dorms alone with all strangers. Yet, I have never had a good night’s sleep in a hostel before, so when it comes to that I try to make other arrangements. Of course I had thought about couch surfing, but as a female traveller I have to admit that I am too scared to try it. There are so many what-ifs: What if the total stranger decides to not let me stay… is a rapist… You never know.

Last year I heard about Airbnb which is basically an online platform where people rent out rooms in their houses or apartments. You have to register and then can choose the city, date and price range your room should be in. For some reason, it felt more secure to book the room there. We (my friend and I) stayed with a nice couple in a really new apartment in Kensal Green. They were nice and helpful whenever we met them, but with our own key we were able to be on our own.

So far, I can only recommend this platform, but I know one experience is not quite significant. That’s why I will most likely try that a couple more times on my next trips. Does anyone of you have any recommendations or advises? Let me know!