The Homestay experience

As my posting a few days ago showed, I enjoyed London a lot. It’s an amazing city and I am without words to describe it. My time there wasn’t nearly enough to do all the things I wanted to do.

Besides that, my trip to London was also my first experience with Airbnb. Finding a place to stay that I like has always been hard for me. I don’t like to spend so much money on a hotel when I could use it for something else like entry fees or shopping. I’m mostly ok with hostels, when I don’t have to stay in large dorms alone with all strangers. Yet, I have never had a good night’s sleep in a hostel before, so when it comes to that I try to make other arrangements. Of course I had thought about couch surfing, but as a female traveller I have to admit that I am too scared to try it. There are so many what-ifs: What if the total stranger decides to not let me stay… is a rapist… You never know.

Last year I heard about Airbnb which is basically an online platform where people rent out rooms in their houses or apartments. You have to register and then can choose the city, date and price range your room should be in. For some reason, it felt more secure to book the room there. We (my friend and I) stayed with a nice couple in a really new apartment in Kensal Green. They were nice and helpful whenever we met them, but with our own key we were able to be on our own.

So far, I can only recommend this platform, but I know one experience is not quite significant. That’s why I will most likely try that a couple more times on my next trips. Does anyone of you have any recommendations or advises? Let me know!