Another year went by….

And yet I’m still so much behind on blogging. Last year in May, I was able to travel a little bit in the US. For a travel addict like me, those were the perfect three weeks. Not only did I get to see my college friends again (after four incredibly long years), but I travelled all alone for the first time in my life!

What seemed to be scary at first, now makes me want to tell everyone I talk to: Pack your bags and get up and on the road!
I started in Munich and took a really exhausting flight to NYC. I usually love New York City, but this time due to being so tired, I just felt miserable most of the time. However, I tried to seize the day and took some new photos!

I had to sit on the doorstep of a church for some time because the rain surprised me and I was without an umbrella. It gave me time to get used to the pace of New York, relax and do some people watching!

Isn’t the facade of this building stunning?! I could look at it for hours, it’s mesmerizing!

Those were my bags, I didn’t try to pack small then, but had to carry all these bags with me. It was ok while I was driving but other than that – just too much stuff! Carry-On only for the win from now on!

Puppies in a window display. This always breaks my heart! How can you look at these cute animals and not want to take them all home with you? I’m glad we don’t sell animals like that in Germany!

Amazing street art awaits you wherever you go if you just keep your eyes open. Especially along the High Line which is a long narrow park that I sat down to relax and get over my jet lag!

Times Square right after a big downpour of rain. It always amazes me how busy New York City and especially Times Square is. It’s almost overwhelming but at the same time you feel life pulsating!

I like to get away…

… I like to fly away…

Lately I have begun to look for cheap flights to the USA again. Up to know I always just booked what I needed without really worrying about how prices change. Don’t get me wrong, I always used those search engines for cheapest flights and then chose the cheapest price that sounded reasonable to me. Not too many lay overs… not too long flight time… if possible no lay over at Heathrow or if so, enough time to change flights… you get the gist.

In May 2014 I will be going to Pittsburgh for my friend’s wedding (yay, sooo excited!!!) and I plan to make a holiday out of it. I haven’t been on one in years and I haven’t been back to the US in (then) five years. It seems to me flight prices are a bit like stock market. They might drop for a few days or not. Since I am not totally fixed on dates (I could plan my holiday either before or after the wedding and didn’t talk to my employer yet), I plan to play the flight stock market a bit.

That’s why I registered with skyscanner. It’s a pretty cool tool that lets you look for flights first and then offers to send you an email on a daily basis with the new cheapest price. I have typed in 4 different cities now (Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, Baltimore/ DC) since I actually don’t care where I go to as I want to rent a car anyways. And it doesn’t even spam you with four different emails, but combines the 4 searches which makes it easier to compare prices. I’m excited to find out how the prices change over the next few weeks and will probably report back how that went. Hopefully prices drop a lot until mid-November (when I really, really want to have it all sorted out), so that I can get a great deal!