Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

I have previously written about Christmas markets, namely the ones in Munich that I liked best. Last weekend I took a day trip to one in a town farther away but equally great: Each year for about two weeks the cozy town Bad Hindelang in the beautiful Bavarian mountains welcomes its guests for the Christmas Market Bad Hindelang.

Christmas Market in Bad Hindelang

Christmas market Bad Hindelang


Bad Hindelang is a rather small town in the Bavarian mountains. Its Christmas market spans over the whole center of the town with most streets closed off for traffic. You’ll have to pay an entrance fee (app. 5€) to get in, but they offer a lot of special activities as well which makes the Christmas market to a true experience.


It is held during the first two weeks of December (over 1. and 2. Advent weekend). If you prefer a quieter athmosphere, it might be better to go during the week as weekends and especially evenings can get extremely crowded. I’d advise you to either go around lunch time and have lunch there (the food is amazing) or on a week night to see all the lights there.

How to get there?

Bad Hindelang doesn’t have its own train station, so the closest one would be Sonthofen. It can be reached easily from Munich and any other bigger city in Southern Bavaria. From the train station, simply take one of the shuttle buses that run every 30 minutes and drop you off right in front of the Christmas market Bad Hindelang. If you decide to drive there, please note that apparently parking is limited. Parking is also located a bit outside of Bad Hindelang with free shuttle buses going to the Christmas market every 10 minutes or so.

What to try?

Definitely come with an empty stomach because all the food and drinks that they offer make it really hard to choose. I’d always go for Kässpatzen which is a typical Swabian/ Bavarian dish made with spaetzle and lots of rather sharp cheese. It’s my favorite dish anywhere when prepared fresh (which they do). If you like meat better, you should try any kind of Bratwurst there. They had a spicy and long one with Kraut that looked delicious. Also, crepes or waffles are always a good choice for dessert.

As for drinks, the standard choice would be Glühwein (alcoholic spiced wine) or Kinderpunsch (non-alcoholic spiced tea), but there are lots of other more fancy things like Hot Caipirinha or Hot Aperol Sprizz to name a few. Just be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Some impressions

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

A stage setting on which they perform plays or where you can sit on Christkindl’s chair

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

As you can see, we went on a wonderful sunny afternoon. The mountains were visible just great.

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

Many arts & crafts are sold in these little booths.

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

They made and sold Angel’s Locks: Basically deep fried potatoes that were shaped into locks. It looked delicious and the line in front of the booth was so long.

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

Beautiful paintings on the house walls

Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang Christmas Market Bad Hindelang

Feel free to also check out their website for additional information!

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