Cool places to eat in Munich: Mexican

I decided to divide my travel postings of my last trip a bit and now and then to fill in a few posts on stuff to do in Munich. Mainly because I think Munich is a great city that has lots to offer and also because I remembered a particular feeling from all my adventures abroad: The moment when you get out a plane, train, bus, you name it and you are absolutely famished. The thing is that all travel guides and blogs tell us a lot about places to go for dinner where you would have to dress up or at least freshen up when all you really want to do is order, eat and leave within 30 minutes. In Munich, as in other cities, there are a few places where you can do that without having to feel stared at.

One of my favorites is a small place called Taco Libre, a taqueria, that serves Mexican/ Tex-Mex food like quesadillas or burritos. Ever since I visited the US, I can’t get enough of Mexican food and with that place I like that it is self-service, but still has tables and chairs and a nice atmosphere, so that you can sit down and chat with friends if you want to. It is also reasonably priced, ranging between 3,90 € and 6,90 €. It is open between 11 AM and 10 PM (I actually discovered it a lunch option) and located conveniently close to the Munich central station.

The quality of the food is extremely authentic (to my knowledge). Both, the burrito and the quesadilla, come in an adequate size with salsa and guacamole, however they always ask whether you want your food spicy or not. I especially recommend the burrito with steak and black beans as the meat seems to be marinated in some special mixture. I never quite figure out what it is, but I can’t get enough of it…