Bucket List 2018

Bucket List 2018 – New year, new plans

Another day in December, it’s grey outside and I have just realized that I haven’t posted in more than a year. This year, though, has been a busy one for me with lots of changes, both good and bad. 2018 which is just a few days away looks promising, I’m already excited for what lies ahead. That’s why I decided to work on my bucket list 2018: The things I want to start or finish or simply experience once.

Bucket List 2018

1. Finish my dissertation

The hardest and probably most important item on my bucket list 2018 is to finally finish my dissertation thesis. I have been writing that huge amount of pages for almost 5 years now and it feels like my personal Mount Everest: I know I can do it, but I need constant focus, training and stamina. As of right now, I feel confident that I might be finished by October’18. Life is unpredictable though, I have learnt that in 2017.

2. Practice Yoga at least twice a week

Sometimes I wonder what holds me back: I have my yoga mat on the floor and I’m on Adriene’s awesome newsletter in order to find what feels good. Still, I often can’t drag myself away from that new TV show or my computer with work stuff on it. As I know how good it would be for me to practice yoga more often, it’s on the second position of my list.

3. Travel (more)

2017 has been a quiet year – travelwise. Besides going to the Czech Republic in January, I have only been away twice, both times for conferences and both times within Germany. Will I be able to plan something bigger for 2018? Probably not. At least I get to start the year with a short trip to Dresden, a city that I liked a lot the last time. I also hope to go abroad for a bit after I hand in my dissertation for some much-needed rest. However, I have no idea where to go so far – any suggestions are very much appreciated!

4. Get out more

I admit that I can be a couch potato – if you ask me what I’ll do on a regular weekend, my answer probably is: Watch Netflix and/or read. I’d hope to go out more in 2018. Not that I plan to go to clubs or dancing a lot, just simply leave the apartment and treat myself with a little fresh air and a short stroll.

5. Read/ Write more for pleasure

That would certainly include blogging more regularly or after a hiatus in 2017 to blog at all in 2018. It’s hard to make time and find input on what to write when I’m not planning a vacation or traveling. I know, though, that writing relaxes me as does reading for pleasure. Maybe I should pick a book for every month, something that is not at all related to my field of study or join a book club?

6. Be kinder to myself

It feels like I have been doing ok in 2017: I switched jobs which was a huge step, led to some anxiety but overall I’m less stressed every evening when I come home. I also taught a tutorium for four months this spring/summer and didn’t freak out every time before class but learnt to be more easy-going. I also (almost) stopped to pressure myself into getting stuff done faster than I can. 2018 will include some major life-changes, I’m quite sure of that and I hope to be able to manage that without any pressure. However, I need to start listening to my body – sleep more, eat healthier, be more active and, as always, drink less coffee…

What are your resolutions for 2018 – what’s on your bucket list 2018? I’m excited to hear from you!



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